The Best Places to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

If you are looking for a place where you can spend St. Patrick’s Day, you do not have to look too far. There are several cities that really go all out when it comes to celebrating this holiday. From parades, exhibitions, food festivals and even fireworks you can find a holiday that will be interesting for everyone. The best of all these cities are located throughout the United States, which means that there is a good chance that at least one of them is located by you. Therefore, before planning your next St. Paddy’s day, check out the best places to celebrate.

1. New York. The Big Apple welcomes the holiday with a large parade since 1762. The organizers of the parade expect that this year the number of viewers will exceed 1 million people. Many people say that there is no better place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and then New York. It is best to expect very large crowds, as there will be at least 155,000 participants in the parade. Nevertheless, you will feel the atmosphere of St. Patty’s Day with the sound of bagpipes and green beer literally everywhere. Famous travelers will go there early to go to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. After the parade is over, expect the crowds to gather in many Irish pubs that are located throughout the city.

2. St. Louis, Missouri. This city in the middle of the west is struggling when it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. To start the festivities, on March 14 will be five miles. This city also brings it with a huge parade in the center of the city. The parade shows a lot of deck floats, Irish dancers and big balloons. On the night of the 17th, it is expected to find many people in numerous pubs throughout the city.

3. Savannah, Georgia. You may be surprised to learn that this traditional southern city is also St. Patrick’s day in the day. In fact, they have one of the oldest traditions of celebrating this holiday with their parade, which began in 1825. Although festivities have started quite a bit, today the green party of Savannah attracts more than 400,000 people to watch the parade. The city also has a rather unique tradition with the dyeing of many city fountains. Many people, both residents and non-residents of the city, like to see the green fountains, as St. Patrick’s Day is approaching.

4. San Francisco, California. In “City at the Gulf” there is a party “St. Patrick’s Day”, which is a great and rich history. The parade of San Francisco is called one of the most fashionable parades, and it follows cult trolleybuses around the city. Because San Francisco is a city known for its restaurants, there are many places that offer food for relaxation. From high-end remixes of traditional Irish cuisine to real Irish food for pubs, this party ensures that no one will go hungry. The nightlife of San Francisco will not disappoint, as crowds gather in many Irish pubs around the city to save the party.

5. Dublin, Ohio. Although this city shares its name with nine other US cities, and also the most famous in Ireland, it stands out with its St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. The parade, which runs several miles, shows beautiful floats, many bands and, of course, dancing dwarfs. Along with the parade, there are several parties (both public and private) in which parade participants can attend. For some story about the celebration, head to the historic district and enjoy a day of sightseeing.


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