St Patrick’s Day Around the World

Even if you’re too busy to traverse all the way to Ireland to celebrate St . Patrick’s Day doesn’t show that you can’t have a good time celebrating Irish traditions.

Places across the world such as New York City, Sydney, and even Tokyo have their own ways to celebrate the St. Patrick’s holiday. What commenced as the feast of Ireland’s patron saint has now grown as one of the biggest festivals celebrated anywhere in the world.But How is St Patrick’s Day celebrated around the world?

Up until 2002, St Patrick’s Day in Ireland was celebrated like a spiritual holiday, the way it used to be in the old times. But Following the mouth and hoof disease scare that canceled parades in 2001, Dublin decided they should embrace the gimmicky shamrocks and green beer to help boost tourism. The 5-day Dublin St. Patrick’s Day festival is now the major St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the country and has an attendance of over seven hundred people for march day alone.

In the United States of America, green-clad partiers line the streets for parades in over a dozen cities. Boston, New York, and Chicago sponsor the most popular of those events, but you can even find a march or two in New Orleans where the effect of Mardi Gras has led to an evolution of Saint Patrick’s Day parades surrounding the big easy. Even following the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, locals and visitors alike will be able to catch their show of St. Patrick’s Day time beads tossed from sophisticated parade floats.

Across Tokyo in the Asian chaste, Japanese citizens have recently been joining the Irish in celebration since 1992. The Tokyo parade is usually organized by the Irish Network Japan with the cohort of the Embassy of Ireland. The Japan citizens love a good party, and they are particularly fond of all things in Irish way including Irish setters and Guinness beer for about $8. 00 a pint! However, popular St. Patrick’s Day time parade highlights are the “free beer girls” who represent the neighborhood Irish taverns by offering vouchers which are good for complimentary green beer.

Since the whole month of March is festival season down under, Sydney’s calendar is packed with events, many of them representing Irish culture. There are Irish heritage at breakfasts, lunches, dinners, balls, race days, golf times, and concerts. Of course, there’ll be plenty rounds of drinks in Australia’s more than 150 Irish pubs. However, it’s not all about drinks for Australia. A conventional Saint Patrick’s Day Mass is held at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney.

What once started out as a traditional Irish holiday day for spiritual renewal and offering prayers for missionaries worldwide, has now come to be associated with everything Irish: anything green and gold, shamrocks and fortune. It won’t matter where you are located or what country you are in, and chances are you will see a little bit of the “wearing of the green” on March 17th. So get out your green and get ready for a great St Patrick’s Day party all over your life



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